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LCS Septic System Services

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Whether you are planning to build your dream home on a vacant piece of land or replacing the septic system at your current home, LCS Landscaping & Design has years of experience to help you navigate through the complex steps of permitting, soil testing and designing a new, fully functional septic system.

We will help facilitate obtaining any of the necessary permits that are required by the county or township.  We also coordinate with sewage enforcement officers (SEO's) and soil scientists as well as our experienced excavators and operators to perform soil probe and percolation testing.  The methods we use have proven effective in determining a suitable location for a new septic system absorption area.  Once soil testing is complete and the absorption area is located we will have a design created for the new system. LCS takes the hassles of septic permitting, testing and design so you don't have to!

  • Septic Tank Installation

  • Septic System Installation

  • Drain Field Installation

  • Gravity Septic Systems

  • Mound Septic Systems

  • Sewer Line Installation

  • Water Line Installation


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For over 20 years LCS Landscape & Design has built an amazing reputation based on honesty, integrity and precise craftmanship that goes into every single project.  We believe we have set the standard for unique, artistic custom design and implementation for all of your Landscaping and Hardscaping needs.  Our highly skilled excavators are second to none.  We have 20+ years of experience, coordination and skill for small or large excavation projects as well as our Septic System Services.  Septic testing, design and installation, LCS Landscape & Design will meet and exceed your expectations.  We would never settle for less than that!  Servicing Chester County, Lancaster County, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Berks Counties in Pennsylvania.

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